Monday, March 30, 2009

wish me luck...

I'm going running for the first time since my vacation. I'm not taking rocks. Hope this works...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

disclaimer: i'm allergic to dogs.

so i went running tonight-wait. let's back this up. last sunday i was talking with an old mission companion. she told me that she still carries rocks with her every time she goes running. i'm not going to lie...i laughed. that era of my life had completely left my memory. flash forward. tonight...i went running. as i walked out of my parking lot i noticed a few things 1) a father/20+ something-daughter duo walking their little (grandma'ish) dogs; 2) a pair of sisters (one toddler) walking on the opposite sidewalk; and 3) random dog running through the yards across the street. so it was a "stray" dog. it had a collar. it apparently has a home and an owner who loves it. the dog...being of the curious variety, ran past the little girls hesitating only to take a quick sniff (finding it unsatisfactory), and ran straight-shot to the dogs. long story short, the father yelled at the little girls and i both to take care of our dog while his daughter picked up both of their dogs. the combination of the mission, my animal allergy, and a few childhood experiences with my own father, have left me completely neutral to dogs. i don't particularly hate them, but at the same time, i have no desire to own one. for the time being, i decided that this tail-less creature with a choke-chain collar could join me on my jog if for no other reason to calm down the completely irate (grandma-ish) dog owners. he followed me for a few blocks and i thought i was going to lose him at the house with the over-sized white fur ball that likes to bark and stretch his chain every time i run by. i was wrong. he quickly reappeared. i then remembered the mission and the dogs that waited for us outside different homes and followed us around until we locked them out of our gated yard. then i remembered that i don’t have a gated yard. dang. that means he can’t follow me home. that meant i had to yell or do something to make him go away. i looked for rocks as my former companion had mentioned, but soon discovered that i have surprisingly clean streets in my neighborhood. there were no rocks to be found. that left the actually yelling at the dog. i don’t like dogs, but i don’t like yelling either. i’m what people would generally call non-confrontational-even if it is a dog. but more than non-confrontational, i’m not a dog person so the dog had to go. i opened my mouth to yell at the dog and to my shock (and secretly, pleasure) the word “sali” left my mouth. i was yelling at the dog in spanish. that made me laugh…quite a bit. i chuckled at that for most of the run home and didn’t even notice when my tail-less friend was really distracted by the over-sized white fur ball and i arrived at my house alone. looking back, the experience wasn’t too bad…perhaps i’ll have to keep running with the dogs if for no other reason than to keep up my spanish.

Monday, March 9, 2009

the weather (part deuce)

I'd like to announce that it is snowing. A LOT. Frankly, I don't care. I choose to appreciate it in all of it's glory. I think I may even run in it. Probably not. I'd probably die if I did. I will however dream of snow shoeing for the next week. Done. Weather appreciated. I think it might have something to do with the fact that my Samoas arrived today. Bless the Girl Scouts for bringing me 150 calories of bliss in 2 cookies. Yay for the Girl Scouts. Happiness in a box. Thank you Girl Scouts.

Monday, March 2, 2009

the weather...

so it's been one of those days. i was talking to my mother on my way home from work today and she told me that i was not allowed to go to family home evening. i would probably say something that i regretted and would probably embarrass myself in the process. she also told me that under no circumstances was i allowed to go home and blog. i told her that if i did blog, it would be on a nice safe topic such as the weather and that i'd go home for a run and see how things went from there. i did take a nice long run...loved it...passed 2 guys jogging and overheard "help them apply the priesthood" as i ran up to an overlook where i could actually see the temple and somehow everything was better. as far as the weather was 64 degrees when i got home from work today. it's march 2nd. i'm in utah. it's not going to last. at that point i refused to accept it. i predict that we'll have at least 1 more snow storm before summer arrives. ts eliot had the right idea when he said "april is the cruelest month". i don't think his reference was to the weather, but in definitely applies. as i was venting all of this to my mother, she told me to appreciate it while i had it-it's only 16 degrees where she is. done. weather appreciated. i realized i was contradicting my own soap box. if i can't be happy now (enjoy the weather), i most certainly won't enjoy it later. i had my paradigm shift and now vow to look positively to the weather in all forms that it manifests itself over the next 6 weeks.
that was a safe enough entry, yeah? nothing to embarrassing there,right? done. weather appreciated.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

concentration and/or titration...

really...i wanted to talk about urinalysis in this one. i have recently become highly fascinated by the things that we can learn just by analyzing a cup of urine, but really...this is not a medical journal and there is absolutely NO reason for me to really write about that. instead, i choose to write about my most recent eating habits. i'm not going to lie, they currently amuse me. well...consider this a travelogue/food diary. 4 weekends ago, i ate 3/4 pounds of carrots on my way to visit a friend (it was a 2 hour car ride.) the next week i ate a pound of carrots on my way to visit a different friend (that was a 4 hour car ride.) the week after that, i didn't go anywhere and actually set a goal to NOT eat a pound of carrots. instead, i stayed home and watched a movie. i ate nearly a pound of celery. call it the flavor of the week. after talking to my dietitian friend about this she told me that i had basically covered an entire week's dietary requirements in less than 2 hours. my question is, how is this effective? this weekend...i ate HORRIBLY. i kind of guessed that it would happen though. i helped a friend of mine move so the kitchen was pretty much in shambles all the time i was there. we ate pizza, burgers, candy, etc. by the time saturday afternoon rolled around, i felt physically ill. i'm telling you-crappy food hates me. around 4:30, i realized that i was horribly dehydrated. how was this remedied? 64 ounces of less than 2 hours. ridiculous. we'll not talk about how many trips i then had to the bathroom, but i'm telling you, it's probably less than one would think. i was REALLY dehydrated. apparently, i haven't quite learned it all yet, and i've discovered that this applies not only to food in my life. i can either read the entire book of mormon in one day or else i can spread it out over six months and read a little every day. i can run a marathon in one day, or i can run a few miles 4 times a week(does anyone besides me find that comment humorous?). i can take a bottle of medicine in one dose, or i can take a little during the day as prescribed by my physician. you know? the lord knew exactly what he was doing when he gave us the word of wisdom and told us to have a little of everything and all things in moderation. the pharmaceutical companies made a genius discovery when ER(extended release) formulas were created. the prophets know what they are talking about when they tell us to read and pray daily. my favorite part of all of this is that i realized all of this while considering the many facets of urinalysis.