Sunday, April 12, 2009

easter 2009

this weekend rocked. it was a good weekend. i can't deny it. good friends. good food. bipolar weather(but there was sun in the end!). good times. church was AWESOME. i mean church is usually really great, but easter is all the more reason to have an AMAZING personal experience with jesus christ(watched the testaments and considered the faith necessary on his end to complete the atonement). the unexpected twist on the holiday was the impromptu star wars anonymous meeting just before bed. there was talk of sand monsters, light sabers, dedicated trivial pursuit games, and alternate endings, followed up closely by the standard youtube video. someone made the comment that easter 2009 would never be forgotten. 'tis true. it will not be forgotten...for many reasons.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


*no, my name is not shanty, shancie, sandy, or shabby.
*why is it that i can buy 5 pair of regular socks for the same price i pay for one pair of nylons? i've been through 6 pairs of nylons since january 1 2009.
*if you are going to put me on hold, at least give me something decent to listen to.
*i've been home from chile nearly 3 years. is there any particular reason that NESTLE GOLD has JUST NOW re-entered my life?
*yoga is NOT for the unfocused. don't try to tell me it's easy.