Saturday, May 30, 2009

so i work in a doctor's office...

one day a woman came in for a procedure and was rather nervous about the whole thing. she asked the OR boys if the doctor was LDS because she wanted a blessing. from what we can gather our doctor is a jewish, raised LDS, born-again christian so they told her no. she said okay, changed quickly, and waited patiently for her turn in the OR. once she got on the table, the doctor came in and she said, "i'm really nervous about this, can you give me a blessing?" in all of the goodness of his heart, the doctor turned around with his hands in the air and said, "yeah! i got this!" he grabbed the lidocaine and sprinkled some on the woman's forehead, put his hands on her shoulders, and said,"dear god, bless this woman, bless this room, and bless the people in this the name of christ we pray." at the time, there were two guys (both returned missionaries) from the OR crew in the OR with him. one stood there holding a tray with his eyes wide open and mouth forced close. the other looked at him and said "i'm going to turn around and walk away right now." he did and we heard him muttering something about lightening on his way down the hall. this is exactly why i love my job.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

the adventures of the blue coat; or, that which happened during my hiatus...

roommate got married and cancelled the internet. i can't was a wonderful time in my life. i actually had other hobbies. i read. i gardened. i traveled. it was heavenly. here are some of the adventures that i had.

who knew there were "slot canyons" so close to home? i didn't.

mom and i outside the smithsonian. neither one of us had slept more than 2 hours in the past 24...i thought we looked okay.

the renwick: my ABSOLUTE favorite museum in DC.

history hasn't ever been quite so real.

my one stipulation for the trip was that i HAD to see the ocean. this wasn't the ocean, but i DID see it. it was amazing.

happy easter! let's roll eggs...

yes. it even visited split mountain canyon via raft.

the blue coat has had some incredible adventures this spring and i do love it, but the next "adventures" entry should be the's a preview of things to come.