Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm going to be awkward and paranoid for the next week.

The 60 year old man sitting next to me on the plane popped a Viagra as we were taxi-ing out of Dallas. Not okay.
The two drunk guys on the other side of the plane who offered to help us with our bags informed us that they will be on the same cruise we will be.
Wish me luck.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I just checked the weather in Belieze. It is 84 degrees, but feels like 92. I feel good about that.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Grandma Diaries...(part 6)

I visit my grandmother daily. Wait a minute, let's back up here. Grandma had a full knee replacement four days after Christmas. Since then she's had all sorts of ups and downs, including an unspecified number of stitches (I think the direct quote was, "you don't want to know") after an unplanned trip to the ER and a completely unrelated infection in her knee. Needless to say, she's in a rehab center. There's absolutely NO WAY that I could take care of this on my own. I'm grateful for the people that work in the center and help her. I've been amazed by the love and support of her family and friends. Almost every time I go over to visit, she has company or else someone has just left. It's still just hard. I feel like a bad person everytime that I leave her there all by herself. I don't know how to respond when she says, "Tess, why won't you come get me? Why did you have to leave?" I understand that really, there's only so much that I can do. I can't take away her pain. I can't fix it. I can only be there when I can be there. I'm not collecting social security or retirement. That means that I have to work. I try to be as sympathetic as I can, but at the same time am trying to balance sympathy and not get sucked into her depression. In the mean time, here I sit. I suppose it's one of the best lessons that I can have on charity and Christ-like love.
In the mean time...there's nothing like a personal "Climb Every Mountain" moment complete with a goods friends and yodeling. I heart my snowshoes.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sometimes, survival is a worthy goal.

Things that have made this week bearable:
(and yes, I realize that today is Tuesday)
*The Ace of Cakes
*Red and Blue Powerade
*Jessica Campbell
*Utah State hoodie, Pirate Pants, and Warm Fuzzy Socks
*Garbage cans and liners
*Ice chips
The good news is it can only get better from here, right?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Next Dream Vacation...

I spend a lot of time on the phone. I spend a lot of time on the phone with automated systems. I've reached the point that I for the most part I ignore them or maybe it would be better said that I just don't listen to them. Yesterday, I was trying to call to verify benefits for one of our patients and couldn't really read the number on the ID card. I called what I thought it was and no one answered. I tried reading the number from another patient's card who had the same insurance that found that to be much more successful. When I finally made it through the automated system to a live person and the man on the phone told me that I really needed to talk to the Wausau, Wisconsin branch, I was speaking to the Dayton, Ohio branch. He very kindly gave me their number and told me to press option 2 to get a live person. I called the number and immediately hit option 2. The voice that talked to me said something (once again, not REALLY listening) and didn't really sound quite right. I very cryptically stated that I needed to get benefits for pain management injections for one of our patients. The woman on the other end told me that I had just called a resort on Mackinac Island in Michigan. I, like any other unknowing American, hit google. THIS is what I found. Sounds good to me. Looks FABULOUS. I then called my parents to share my experience (they think my life is better than TV). Dad chuckled (as much as a former courtroom attorney can) and told me that he wants to see the Mackinac Bridge. He also found this a few years ago and has been thinking about taking Mom ever since. I told him if they plan on going in the near future, I was coming with them. That's about it. That's what I get for dialing a wrong number.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Cullinary Discoveries.

I like cheese. I like soup. Soup and cheese are a beautiful combination that I sometimes don't always appreciate. Let me explain. I love nothing more than a hot bowl of soup, but I don't always appreciate the INSTA-GLOB that appears the moment that the cheese hits the hot soup. Tonight, I learned the secret to cheese and soup. Put the cheese in the bottom of the bowl and then pour the soup OVER it. Worked like a charm. Loved it!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Decade in Review...

Mom was here over Christmas and asked me a question that I've been thinking about ever since: 10 years ago was the Y2K scare. What have you done with the past decade?
Here are a few highlights.
*graduated from Uintah High School
*graduated from BYU-Idaho
*graduated from Utah State University
*lived abroad in Chile
*lived in Nebraska
*Returned to my beloved mountains
*learned to share the things that are dearest to my heart with complete strangers
*learned to trust people
*learned Spanish
*learned how to live with girls
*learned to love the great outdoors
*learned to quilt
*learned to crochet
*learned to love
*learned to cook
*learned to can
*learned to wear a dress and heels
*climbed a dozen mountains
*cooked my first turkey
*shrunk my personal bubble
*defined my own personality and character
*gained a sister
*gained the title of "favorite aunt" or "yaya"
*read the Book of Mormon 10 times
*met countless people who have inspired and changed my life
As I've compiled this list, I can't help but remember a quote I used in my senior thesis from Elder Dallin H Oaks talk, THE CHALLENGE TO BECOME, "Final Judgment is not just an evaluation of a sum total of good and evil acts—what we have done. It is an acknowledgment of the final effect of our acts and thoughts—what we have become."
As cool as this list is, it doesn't really matter. The things that we've done aren't important unless they have aided us in BECOMING the person that we want to become. I still have some work to do. The good news is, I still have time to keep working on it.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year.

I celebrated by having my yearly all nighter. Literally. Didn't sleep. That means I'm going to sleep now. And it will be glorious.
I also wanted to leave a teaser for my next entry.
January 1, 2010: A Decade in review.