Wednesday, March 31, 2010


i just went to the grocery store and noticed the car in front of me had a guy and girl (in tears) having an obviously important conversation.
i went to bed with the fear of a giant flag and flag pole unexpectedly entering my room during the night. (blessed wind)
i woke up to snow and wind and 34 degrees (as opposed to yesterday's sun and 68).
would i expect anything different from general conference weekend in april?
ahhh. springtime. in utah.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

No...really. I celebrated a pagan holiday.

I'd like to dedicate this post to my parents. They left Utah yesterday morning at 6:00am and asked me what I was going to do with the rest of my day. Happy Holi. We're celebrating the first day of spring.
Here it is...the before and after.

4 washings later, my hair/scalp is still purple, I blow my nose purple, and I have a purple spot on my elbow and one in my ear.
I had a good time...
Oh-and if you want to know what YOUTUBE has to say about it, try this.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

you know what makes me happy?

that feeling you get when you go to bed early and wake up on your own while thinking, "ah man, is it time to get up already!?!" and then you look at the clock to find out that it is 11:30. it's like you get a 2-for-1 deal with your nights sleep!

ps i finally figured out my airbed. i think the problem was that i had TOO much air in it.

also...there are 15 stop lights between my house and my place of employment. this morning's record ROCKED. 13 green. 2 red.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lessons learned on Angels Landing...

So I hiked Angels Landing yesterday. It was awesome. I loved it. It felt so good to climb something...and feel sunshine...and spend time with friends that cause me to laugh so hard that I cry...and save my life.
Today in Relief Society we had a lesson on the Fall of Adam and Eve and it's importance. I had a genius realization in relation to my experience yesterday. We were near the top of this "little" peak and we were actually on our way down. From some of the pictures, you may have noticed that there were chains anchored on the mountain so that there is something to hold on to while traipsing across the slick rock. Remember, it's March. There were still patches of snow on the trail in certain shady spots. Shady spots, slick rock, ice/ was a great experience. I'm not going to lie-there was sliding involved. There was sliding A LOT closer to the edge than I was comfortable with. I will be FOREVER grateful that Karen was just ahead of me and stopped me from sliding over the 1000 foot cliff. In a sense, my fall was necessary. I wanted to get down the mountain. I had to take THAT trail and apparently sliding was necessary as well. I probably didn't even fall as much as I feel like I fell, but it was enough to get my heart beating and Karen got a HUGE hug once we got back to stable ground. does this apply to Adam and Eve? They fell. It was necessary that they fell so that the Plan of Salvation could actually take place. I had always heard that instead of falling down or falling backward, Adam and Eve had fallen forward. They progressed in their fall. After yesterday, I think I want to tweak that a little bit. I want to think that it was a controlled fall. It was necessary for them to fall so that they could arrive where they wanted to arrive. The Lord was not about to let them fall off a thousand foot cliff and even if it did let them fall...he was going to pad the landing for them. Sometimes fall are terrifying and painful, but we learn from them. Once upon a time, I had a neighbor who had a magnet on her fridge that said, "The harder you fall, the higher you bounce." I'm grateful for my little experience yesterday and I'm glad that I had the opportunity learn without actually falling off the cliff.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


This is my 150th post. I just noticed. It's been quite the week. I could write about:
150 foods I'd like to be eating
150 reasons that I loved ALICE IN WONDERLAND
150 reasons that dark chocolate is good for you
150 snowflakes that are currently in the air
150 songs that make me happy
150 things I should do before I leave this house
Instead I choose to write about the 150+ stairs that I have run this week. Moving from a basement to a second floor bedroom has been quite the trial for my quads. I think I can safely say that I have put Rocky to shame.

On other news fronts...I called the psychologist that I work for "Bishop" this week. It was an accident. It was not my idea. He walked into a conversation that I was apparently quite engulfed in. Not sure that I'm going to live that one down. He continued to walk through my office with "callings" for me to do: call people to come visit him, collect reports, etc... Oh, it's a party. All the time...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

An Ideal Morning...

It's 7:18 and I've had a good morning.
Waking up is not as hard as it used to be.
(Even if I don't sleep as much as I should.)
Running most definitely is not as hard as it used to be.
(For the record...still don't understand why people do it for fun.)
Grapefruit and shredded wheat: Breakfast of champions.
Good Day by Tally Hall will make it a good day.
Moving tonight...let me know if you're going to be bored at about 6:00pm. I could be persuaded to buy you pizza.
Happy Thursday!
(or in my case Happy Wear-Your-Pajamas-to-Work Day!)

Sunday, March 7, 2010


1) i found a recipe comparable to the strawberry bisque that we had on our cruise. i made it. it was fantastic.
2) i found artichokes on sale and realized that i had never had an artichoke that wasn't out of a jar. so i bought them. i decided that if i was going to eat artichokes, i must make hollandaise sauce(hadn't tried that either).
3) in the midst of the hollandaise and strawberry bisque i've been munching on MIDNIGHT REVERIE (86% cacao dark chocolate). it's 25% iron. that ought to help right?
4) i got a new house key today. that means i'm getting a new house. that'll be exciting. old roommate. new house.
5) elder rasband gave a fireside tonight. i'm living proof of this statement: "the lord did not change the circumstances. he changed joseph's ability."
6) i visited my nephew today. he said something very close to "aunt shandy". he also proved that the cardboard box is the greatest form of entertainment. my brother said, "shandy. i haven't seen you laugh like this in a REALLY long time." "caleb. you need to stop making aunt shandy cry."

Friday, March 5, 2010

rock. solid. AWESOME. morning.

6:05am wake up to run
6:06am check the weather. find 4 inches of snow on the ground.
**secret thought...scarlet's getting married today and wanted sun. in utah? in march?!?
6:06:30am send text to jess (running buddy) commenting on the weather
6:07am receive a text "i could be convinced to sleep in"
6:08am sleep
6:30am ignore alarm clock
6:45am disregard 3rd alarm of the morning
7:00am rudely awakened to a new foreign beeping
7:01am recognize the foreign beep as the sound that Grandma's phone makes when the power is out.
7:01:14am recognize a "new" foreign beep as the sound the peoplevator makes when the power is out.
7:02am contemplate skipping the shower today to realize that i HAD to shower today. there was NO choice in the matter.
7:05am wander around basement looking for suitable clothing and psych myself up a shower in the pitch black
7:06am remember that the laptop has a battery and could theoretically double as a 10x14 white light.
7:08am enter shower by laptop light. mentally grateful for a) a hot water heater that is gas powered; and b)a shower curtain that is not completely opaque.
7:25am exit shower.
7:34am check the clock. gotta leave in 10 minutes.
7:34:12am HAIR!?! two weeks ago we chopped all the hair to prevent throwing it up, creating the "bald man"/"cancer victim" look. gotta figure that one out quick!
7:35am create 2 small buns on my head reminiscent of danniey...adorable girl i work with. pack the bag with extra bobby pins. still not sure that the hair is long enough for the hairstyle.
7:40am make up? no need to look like a small child playing in mom's makeup. i value both my eyes.
7:45am leave house and scrape 4 inches of snow off my car
7:50am shelley calls. she got a foot of snow last night and is going to be 10-20 minutes late. could i open the front desk? oh sure. why not?
7:55am arrive at work...the ONLY car in the parking lot. oh sure. why not?
7:56am find shawn inside. apparently the power has been out here too. oh boy.
8:00am open the front door with a disclaimer..."we're recovering from a power outage."
8:15am computer still hasn't kicked itself into activity
8:20am the server's down
8:25am shelley arrives and i get to back to my preauth hole.
8:28am add another bobby pin
8:45am trip to will's for sunkist for shelley and chocolate milk for me. it's one of THOSE days.
8:52am discover that we're not the only ones with power/technical issues this morning.
9:07am settle into a groove at work
9:38am groove destroyed. the internet's down. no schedule. no insurance information. no google to even find veracity's phone number.
9:42am embrace the primitivity of morning and call insurance companies.
10:12am spoke with the 3rd "Kim" of the morning at IHC. she saved my hide and helped me auth an MRI that is scheduled for MONDAY.
10:35am the internet's back!
11:30am i decided that i had come to terms with the day. the hair. the weather. moving on.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I laughed REALLY hard...

So a friend of mine showed me this this morning. I see this happening in my future. I think I will chuckle ALL day. (Brief recap: the woman is a Vicar...and apparently performs marriages on a regular basis.)