Monday, June 6, 2011

under no certain circumstances.

We had lovely weather last weekend. It made me supremely happy. I woke up this morning to blue skies and sunshine. It was also quite delightful. When I walked out for lunch it was still blissfully warm, but the clouds had rolled in. It was totally overcast. As the afternoon wore on I noticed that it was still overcast and the winds arrived. The sky (still overcast) turned a weird shade of gray green. I may have freaked out just a little. My boss probably clued into that when I made the comment that I felt like I should be in a windowless basement room wearing my bicycle helmet. She then made me a list of movies that I am not allowed under any circumstances to watch this evening such as THE WIZARD OF OZ and TWISTER. MARY POPPINS even made the list. WICKED is also out of the picture. Much to my relief it was actually cooler when I left the building. 72 degrees compared to my parents 98. I choose to not tempt fate. I'm going to go read OTHELLO.