Saturday, January 28, 2012

I know. You all thought I was dead.

I did too for a while. And then there was this phase of sketchy internet connections. And then there was all the traveling in December. And on top of the December travel schedule there was the end of policy year at work which just makes my life absolutely delightful. There may have been some overtime. Oh yes-and then there were all the last minute hand made Christmas gifts. Yup. It's been awesome.
On January 1st this year, I did something that I've never actually done before. I sat down and wrote out my list of new years resolutions. Don't get me wrong here, I set resolutions each year, but I don't think I have ever ACTUALLY WRITTEN THEM OUT on the 1ST. Why would I do that? That would be the practical thing to do.
Keeping the previous paragraph in mind, I think don't think this has been a normal year for me-resolution wise. I've re-read my list a few times over the past 28 days and have done my best to keep said-goals in the fore front of my thought processes. I'd like to make and addendum to my list. I think my dear friend Campbell said it best, "COMMIT Williams. COMMIT!" I think I regularly observe my inability to commit to things. The most recent is my list of books that I'm reading. I can think of at least 5 that I've started and haven't finished. I'm adding all of those books to my list of resolutions for the year. I will learn how to finish things. Even books.