Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Epic Fail:

So I tried to bake rolls today.
-spoiled milk.
-not enough flour.
-no emergency reserve of flour.
-substitute bisquick for flour?
-shut off oven and cool ridiculously warm house.
-scrapped bread however doesn't look too bad.
-tried bisquick biscuits.
-didn't count something right because this isn't biscuit dough.
-scrap it.
-start over.
-remixed biscuit dough, careful to not over mix-there's nothing worse than tough biscuits.
-throw biscuits in the oven with 5 minutes to spare. (awesome!)
-timer goes off.
-check biscuits-they're still really white. weird.
-give them another 5 minutes.
-still. no color whatsoever.
-touch biscuit.
-still doughy.
-check oven.
-turn on oven.
-set timer for 5 minutes.
-timer goes off.
-biscuits overly brown.
-ARGH! there's no winning this one.
-throw biscuits in a bowl
-arrive 20 minutes late for dinner. highly apologetic.
This is why bread is still on my bucket list of things to learn before I die.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

post script

My mother reprimanded me for throwing licorice.
I am thoroughly repentant.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Cool points of interest from today:

*We picked our first tomatoes in our garden today.
*I had an interesting conversation with a Buddhist friend today. We talked about death. I know...slightly morbid. But it was kind of cool.  He's Buddhist. And a doctor.  We were discussing the actual moment of passing.  He asked me if I had ever seen anyone die. (I was there when my grandfather passed away.)  His first death was actually in surgery.  A man died on the operating table.  He asked me if it had felt like something left the body when it died.  I said yes.  He said he doesn't believe in souls (because he is Buddhist), but the scientist in him wants to know if something actually leaves the body and how much it weighs.  He wants to weigh the body both before and after death to see if there is the slightest change.  Oh Oscar.  Just because you can't see it, it doesn't mean it doesn't happen.
*I went on my first actual bike ride in about 15 years tonight. My bum hurts.
*I took dinner to a family in the ward tonight.  They have a 4-year-old little boy.  When I ran in and dropped off food, the little boy said, "are you mommy's teacher?" I said yes, but I wasn't teaching, just dropping off food this time.  He said "Thank you so much for this wonderful food!" He's adorable.  Bless the 4-year-olds.
*I may have maimed my roommate this evening. I tossed a piece of licorice to her and apparently threw it harder than I thought. I heard it across the room.  It also left a welt and a lump on her forehead. I'm a bad person. I promise I won't throw licorice, ever again.