Monday, August 5, 2013

I'm going to preface this with, "I'm a nice person, I promise." Having said that, I'm not the easiest person in the world to get a hold of.  I usually forget my phone exists once I get home from work.  I spend most of my days on the phone or on hold and I just don't feel an overwhelming desire to continue the cycle in the comfort of my own home.  

Wanna guess what I'm doing?  

Right now?  

I'm on hold.  

Yup. Just ate dinner and have now moved on to blogging as I sit next to my phone and listen to the "your hold time is x minutes" announcements. I'm down to 7 minutes.  Yay me.  Why would I be doing this?  Good question.  I'm going home for Thanksgiving.  It's been seven years since I was home for turkey, Aunt Dorice's pies, and the Nebraska bowl game.  It's about time, right?  That's what I thought.

Good news!!! They picked up! and I'm going home!!!