Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I have a procrastination problem.

I should be watching a video for work right now.  I don't want to know what Jasmine has to say about insurance and collections so I'm here. Writing nonsense. Because that is the best stuff to write. Right? I also really want to eat chocolate, but that doesn't work either.  No stress eating.  I had an AMAZING weekend.  I went to San Fransisco for a girl's weekend. I'll write more about that later.  Hope to add pictures too.  I think I have procrastinated sufficiently.  Going to be productive now.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

stuff, or maybe stiff would be more appropriate...

It has been absolutely beautiful this weekend.  I went snow shoeing yesterday.  And the day before.  Days and activities like these make the winter worth it.  Yesterday we took a friend that had never been before and she took it like a champ.  She didn't even trip!  Can't say as much about the rest of us.  Apparently the trail we went on was an ideal location for snow men?  We passed 8-10 of them in 3 miles; tall ones, short ones, skinny ones, incomplete ones, dying ones...they were all there.  Kind of felt like I was walking through a Calvin and Hobbes comic book. As we were talking the newbie through the beginning of snow shoeing, we told her that in deeper snow we find muscles that we forgot we had.  Pretty sure that happens with many activities that we do, but I am most recently fascinated by the effects of snow shoeing on my calves. Oh boy. There was not an overwhelming amount of snow yesterday.  We saw people on the trail just hiking. I don't understand why the calves gave me so much grief.  I'll get over it, I always do.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Things that make me happy...

1) Thai food
2) blue sky and sunshine
3) warm fuzzy electric throw blankets
4) Excel spread sheets
5) new calendars

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year

It's January 3rd.  There are 362 days left in 2014.  I have a lot of time left to do a lot of things.  In 2013 my New Years Resolutions were all based on the word "choose".  Choose to act rather than be acted upon.  Choose to be important.  Choose to be in control of your own life.  All in all, I consider 2013 to have been a successful year.  I lost 40 pounds.  I got a promotion and a raise.  I learned a lot about myself and feel like I gained a lot of tools to implement in the future. 2014 will be a good year for implementation.  This year's word is "progress".  Take it and run with it.  I know what works and I know what I have to do to make it work.  It's all up to me.  This year is my year. Happy 2014 friends.  Make it your year too.